My daughter told me that I should represent myself

"I am in my 70s and was in an accident some time ago. My daughter told me that I should represent myself. She had been in an accident and represented herself, but the result did not turn out very well for her. I am retired and have insurance claim experience, but thought it best to hire an expert. I found Todd who had one of his offices in my neighborhood. I met with him and I hired him. I am extremely happy that I did. He and his staff, Liz and Phyllis, helped me more than they will ever know. They were always helpful and available even when I dropped into their office without an appointment. The settlement that Todd recovered for me was much higher than I ever would have thought. I could not have done it without him."
Judith S.
Folsom, CA

SEVEN TIMES what the TV lawyer wanted me to accept

"The first attorney that I hired for my accident case was one of those guys who advertises on TV. I didn't know who to hire and made a bad choice. When the insurance company made a low offer on my case, he told me to take it and that a jury would not consider my injury to be a big deal. I needed a spine surgery and it seemed serious to me. He did not want to fight for me, and made me feel bad for not wanting to take the first low-ball offer. I was then referred to Todd by a friend of mine who had been a client of his. She spoke highly of him. I had Todd take the case over from the TV attorney. Todd was always available to me. He was very logical and compassionate, and talked me off from the ledge more than once when I was overwhelmed. And he recovered for me every penny of two policy limits. That figure was about SEVEN TIMES what the TV lawyer wanted me to accept! Needless to say, I'm glad I made the switch."
Tina D.
El Dorado Hills, CA

The floor gave out and I fell about 10 feet to the ground

"I was helping a friend unload some lumber for a second-story deck that he was rebuilding on his client's house. The deck was old, never built to code , and was dry-rotted in several places. No one told me and when I stepped on part of it, the floor gave out and I fell about 10 feet to the ground. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital and ran up about $30,000 in bills. The insurance company for the homeowner said it was my fault and that I should have been watching where I was walking. I had no health insurance and needed more medical care after I got out of the hospital. I found Todd in the yellow pages and hired him. He was able to connect me with doctors, physical therapists and an x-ray place that took a MRI scan. I did not have to come out of pocket with any money to get all of this done. After I got done treating, Todd negotiated with the homeowner's insurance company, but they wanted to give me only a few dollars more than my medical bills. Todd suggested that I file a lawsuit which we did. As soon as the insurance attorney started dealing with Todd, they increased their offer more than 3 times what they had offered me before. Then Todd got the hospital to reduce their bill by 75%! Todd got the case settled and I never had to go to court nor even to one meeting with the other lawyer. I could not have done any of this without Todd and will recommend him to anyone I know who needs an injury lawyer."
Grant S.
Sacramento, CA

Father did not know best

"I was riding in a car with some friends on our way to college when the driver decided to show off and slam on the brakes. He ended up rolling the car and causing me to go to the hospital. After that I had to go to the doctor and to therapy. I was living at home with my parents and my Dad started dealing with the driver's insurance, our car insurance, and our health insurance. He wasn't sure how to do all of this and who should be paying the bills, so we hired Todd. Todd told us that there was a right way and a wrong way to do this and that just because it was a car accident didn't mean that we should submit everything just to the car insurance. Todd got us through this mess that involved my friends and their parents. I was very happy with the settlement and with Todd's help."
Katrina F.
Cameron Park, CA

You're in good hands with Todd Bissell

"I was rear ended by a driver which tore some tissue in one of my shoulders. It hurt right away, but did not show up on the x-rays and scans that were done a few days later. I hired Todd and he told me that the injury that I had almost never showed up on a MRI scan. He really understood the medical part of my injury. He told me that my injury would likely not heal with therapy and that I would probably need surgery. He was right, and the surgery confirmed the tear. But the insurance company for the driver refused to pay for my shoulder surgery, and said that it wasn't caused by the car crash because it didn't show up on the scans right after it. Todd suggested that we file a lawsuit. I did that and Todd collected a $100,000 policy limit settlement for me before trial. The doctor that the insurance company forced me to see agreed with Todd. Todd then recommended that we proceed against my Allstate policy for under insured motorist coverage. Allstate did the same thing that the other insurance company did and refused to connect my shoulder surgery to the car crash. Todd suggested that we force them to a binding arbitration hearing. We did that and Allstate brought in one of their doctors to testify against me. We didn't bring any. When cross-examining Allstate's doctor, Todd was able to get him to say that my shoulder injury was caused by the accident and even that I would likely need a second surgery in the future. The Arbitrator awarded me almost 10 times what Allstate's last offer was. Your in good hands with Todd. I was."
Rolando R.
Elk Grove, CA

Million-dollar settlement for self-employed single Mom

"I am a self-employed single mom who was rear-ended with my infant daughter while driving a friend's car. We were both hurt, but luckily my daughter suffered only minor injuries. The first attorney who I found on TV and interviewed was not even interested in taking my daughter's case. He said that it was too small and a waste of his time. I then found Todd. He gladly took both of our cases and did a great job. I needed two surgeries and Todd was able to arrange that for me without my having to pay until the case was over. I could not afford those surgeries and did not have any health insurance. Todd got my case settled for policy limits of more than $1,000,000.00 without us having to go to trial. He also got my daughter's case settled and did it for free. I would highly recommend Todd. In fact, I have referred two of my friends to him and will continue to refer anyone who needs an injury attorney."
Meriah A.
Sacramento, CA

The 2011 settlement was more than $250,000

"I have been in three accidents over 21 years and have had Todd represent me in all of them. The first one was in 1989, and Todd did such a fine job that I returned to him in 1994. In that accident, Todd recovered for me a policy-limit settlement in excess of $100,000. My most-recent accident was in 2010. That accident involved my being hit by a criminal who was fleeing the home that he had just robbed. He was being chased, and crashed into me. That 2011 settlement for me was more than a quarter of a million dollars! I have recommended Todd to friends and will return to him if I ever get hit again."
Dabney L.
North Highlands, CA

Todd secured for me a settlement higher than I had expected

"I am a former law enforcement officer who has disabled on the job years ago. When I got into a recent car accident, the other driver's insurance company tried to blame my injuries and treatment on my old disability. Todd was able to schedule a meeting with me and the insurance adjuster for the other driver who came to Todd's office to hear our side of the case. Todd persuaded the adjuster that my injuries were from the recent car crash. Shortly after that meeting, Todd secured for me a settlement higher than I had ever expected in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Todd did not quit then. He continued to work on the case for free, and negotiated with my health insurance company who wanted to be remibursed for the car-accident bills that they had paid. Todd convinced them to accept a very small sum, which put tens of thousands of dollars more into my pocket. Thanks Todd for all your hard work."
Duane S.
Folsom, CA

The insurance company caved-in and paid the claim in full

"The other driver ran the red light and broadsided my car, injuring my neck. His insurance company refused to pay more than a few thousand dollars because I had been offered neck surgery before that accident and I declined to have it. Todd encouraged me to refuse the settlement and to file a lawsuit against the other driver. I followed his advice and Todd recovered for me a full policy-limit settlement shortly after the lawsuit was filed. I did not even have to go to a deposition before they caved-in and paid the claim in full."
Andrew L.
Folsom, CA

Todd settled my case for more than I had ever expected

"I was broadsided by a hit-and-run driver in downtown Sacramento. I went to the hospital that day and again the following morning. On my way home from the second hospital visit, I was hit again by a truck on the freeway. The two insurance companies pointed their fingers at the other accident as the cause of my pain and treatment. I was stuck in the middle. Todd convinced me to file lawsuits against both of them and to merge the cases together in court. After we did that, both insurance companies got reasonable and agreed to go to a settlement meeting called a mediation. Todd was able to settle my case there for more money than I had ever expected, and I did not even have to go to court! Todd also helped my wife years ago when she was hit, and Todd got her enough money for her case that she was able to retire. We will use only Todd if we ever need an injury attorney again."
Tim C.
Sacramento, CA

The Settlement Was Almost Four Times The First Offer!

"I was rear-ended by a person who did not have insurance, and thought that I could handle the claim with my own insurance company. They wanted all kinds of records before my accident and wanted personal information that I did not feel comfortable giving them. I hired Todd to help me and he suggested that we start with litigating the case. At the beginning of the case, my insurance company offered me a very small settlement. After the litigation started, my insurance company took the depositions of every one of my doctors and even took my deposition, looking for a way not to pay me. Todd kept fighting, and by the end of the case, the settlement offer was almost four times what the insurance company had first offered. Thanks Todd."
Sharon M.
Vallejo, CA

The Insurance Company Increased Their Offer

"I was rear-ended on my motorcycle while at a red stop light. The lady who hit me was not paying attention and looked at another light that she thought was green. Her insurance company would not pay me, so I hired Todd. He filed a lawsuit for me and assisted me with filling out all of the forms that the insurance company's lawyers sent to me. Todd also met with me before I was questioned by the lady's lawyers so that I was prepared. After those steps were concluded, the insurance company increased their offer and Todd was able to settle my case for the amount that I was hoping for when we started the suit. And I did not even have to go to court!"
Joe D.
Natomas, CA

My First Attorney Gave Up!

"The other driver was elderly and ran a red light when he crashed into my car. He told the police that he did not know what color the light was. He later changed his story and sued me, saying that I ran the red light! Because there were no witnesses, his insurance company refused to pay for my totaled car or for my injuries. My first attorney then dropped my case. My doctor recommended Todd Bissell who agreed to take on my case. Todd fought hard for me and took my case all the way to trial. After Todd won our pre-trial motions, the insurance company got reasonable and we were able to settle the case. Thanks Todd for sticking with me when my other attorney gave up on me."
Carol L.
Sacramento, CA

A Verdict Of Almost $600K

"I was rear-ended, and the insurance company for the man who hit me said that my car was not damaged enough to cause the injuries that I had. I needed two surgeries, and the man's insurance company said that these injuries were not caused by the car accident despite that my doctors said that they were. My first attorney was not able to get the insurance company to offer me anything! I transferred the case to Todd at the recommendation of a friend. At one point, they offered me $250,000. Todd suggested that I reject that. When I did, the insurance company got nasty and reduced their offer to only $50,000, and never offered more. Two settlement judges suggested that I take this smaller amount. Todd told me not to and to keep fighting. We took the case to a jury trial and Todd recovered for me a verdict of almost $600,000! Todd also forced the insurance company to pay for my legal costs, the expert fees of my doctors who had to testify, and interest on the money that the insurance company refused to pay me. Todd kept fighting for me and never gave up. Thank you, Todd."
Sunni C.
Sacramento, CA

Big Rig Driver Fell Asleep

"The big rig driver admitted at the accident scene that he fell asleep when he crossed into my lane and nearly killed me. Later, he told his insurance company that he blacked out from some unknown medical condition. They refused to pay for my 5 surgeries. Todd personally conducted a complete investigation and located witnesses and evidence to prove the truth. Todd won my case for me which settled before trial for a value of $1.6 million."
Ken N.
Elk Grove, CA

Pickup Truck Accident

"The guy in the pickup truck hit me and knocked me to the ground. He told his insurance company that I walked out in front of him. They blamed me and wouldn't pay for my injuries and time missed from work. Todd filed a lawsuit, won the case and collected two policy-limit settlements for me."
Kristen B.
Folsom, CA

The Bissell Law Firm Is Amazing!

"The Bissell Law Firm is amazing; Todd helped us through a difficult time when my son was in a horrible car accident. He and his staff were more than helpful, it felt as though they took it personal and made sure that we were informed and covered every step. Everything was explained in detail and in Laymen’s terms we could understand. The case was finalized quickly and in my son’s favor much more than we ever expected."
Debbie D.
Carmichael, CA

Sheley v. CHP - 59th Highest Jury Verdict in 2019

# 59

Attorneys:Todd S. Bissell, Travis Bissell of Bissell Law Corporation
Case:Sheley v. California Highway Patrol
Type:Car Accident, Motor Vehicle Accident, Personal Injury, Truck Accident, Negligent Tort, Vicarious Liability, Respondeat Superior

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